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ascendant adj
1 tending or directed upward; "rooted and ascendant strength like that of foliage"- John Ruskin [syn: ascendent, ascensive]
2 most powerful or important or influential; "the economically ascendant class"; "D-day is considered the dominating event of the war in Europe" [syn: ascendent, dominating]


1 position or state of being dominant or in control; "that idea was in the ascendant" [syn: ascendent]
2 someone from whom you are descended (but usually more remote than a grandparent) [syn: ancestor, ascendent, antecedent, root] [ant: descendant]

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  1. Rising, moving upward.
  2. Surpassing or controlling.


Rising, moving upward
Surpassing or controlling


  1. Being in control.
  2. An ancestor (antonym of descendant)


Being in control
An ancestor





fr-noun m
  1. ascendant
  2. influence, ascendancy
    L'équipe adverse a repris lascendant du match. - The team is again dominated by the adversary.
  3. ancestry

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a cut above, above, absolute, ahead, anabatic, antecedent, ascendancy, ascending, ascensional, ascensive, at the head, authoritarian, authoritative, authorized, autocratic, better, boss, capping, chief, chosen, climbing, clothed with authority, commanding, competent, conquering, consequential, considerable, controlling, defeating, distinguished, dominance, dominant, domination, dominion, duly constituted, eclipsing, eminent, empowered, ex officio, exceeding, excellent, excelling, finer, flushed with success, forebear, forefather, forerunner, general, governing, great, greater, head, hegemonic, hegemonistic, higher, imperative, important, in ascendancy, in charge, in chief, in the ascendant, influential, leading, leaping, major, marked, master, masterdom, mighty, momentous, monocratic, mounting, of choice, official, on the throne, one up on, outstanding, over, overbearing, overcoming, paramount, potent, powerful, precursor, predecessor, predominant, predominate, preeminence, preeminent, prepollent, preponderance, preponderant, preponderate, prepotence, prepotent, prestigious, prevailing, prevalent, primogenitor, progenitor, prominent, puissant, rampant, ranking, rare, rearing, regnant, regulating, regulative, regulatory, reigning, rising, rivaling, ruling, saltatory, scandent, scansorial, senior, skyrocketing, sovereign, sovereignty, spiraling, springing, substantial, successful, super, superior, supreme, surpassing, swaying, topping, totalitarian, transcendent, transcendental, transcending, triumphal, triumphant, uparching, upcoming, upgoing, upgrade, uphill, uphillward, upper, uprising, upsloping, upward, upwith, vanquishing, victorious, weighty, winning
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